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Nasim Benelkour
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Lucks Path

This is Nasim Benelkour! They've been a Casting Director since the age of 12 casting for his own original animations. Since then, he's learned everything there is to know about being a Casting Director. They have a knack for connecting the right talent to the right role and have a great reputation within the industry of voice talent. He not only is knowledgeable about what draws talent to an audition, but being a voice actor himself, they know everything a voice actor wants in a project. 


What Nasim Provides :

. Audition Document Puts together a STUNNING Audition Document filled with what YOU would want from the voice actors auditioning for your project, along with the necessary information the VOICE ACTORS would need to properly audition EXAMPLE CAN BE PROVIDED

. CastingCasts the Voice Actors for you with the addition of your insight into the final decision making

. Direction - Live Directs the Voice Actors cast through the lines provided to ensure you're provided with the BEST reads

If you would like to contact me or need my rates, you may find my email below! Also, feel free to follow me on any of my socials, @LucksPath 


Dungeon Rummage Origins
Legends of Savvarah
Leyline Chronicles 2
Sega Sonic Bootleg Collection
Dungeon Rummage Rise of the Allies


Nasim Benelkour

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